Lets review Some highlights for 2020!

December 8, 2020


This year is many things, For many people it was trouble, for other people it was a plague, most of the people were under a lot of stress this year. In this article, we will review some major highlights of the year! now sit back, relax and enjoy!

In January, we were fine, People were excited, the doctors last year on December discovered  Corona Virus or Covid-19, but it was not dangerous… YET!  We lived a normal month that year for once! But, the worst is yet to come. Also Kobe Bryant died! RIP!

In February, The movie SONIC was released, the virus had infected the first people in The United States. It was also my birthday, February 18. The virus was getting ready to release global pandemic.

In March, the virus was spreading in USA. The Cushman School was having 2 1/2 good months when teachers sent us home, We didn’t realize it, but the age of online meetings had begun.

In April, People were getting restless in zoom meetings, everyone thought it was horrible to stay indoors and wear masks, but I myself thought it was cool, and at that time Michael Bloomberg wanted to run for the presidency.

In May, Coronavirus had spread across the world and cases started to spread like a wildfire. It was a very trying time. And the virus was now considered a threat.

In June,  there was a giant fuel spill in Russia. The Black lives Matter protests were getting bigger. And I was trying to get a nice summer. But, we all just cannot have a normal summer in this trying time, can we?

In July, we had the laziest, craziest summer ever, watching ‘Office Show” and eating pop tarts! I was also bored out of my mind.  I was also watching a bunch of coronavirus commercials!

In August, a super spreader wedding showed Coronavirus deadly effects towards normal people. “Among Us” became the best game in the world. Its popularity spread like a wildfire. and school started and that was the end of summer.

In September, Trump was acquitted, Ruth Bader Ginsburg death impacted almost all USA. And the rest of the world continues their lumpy COVID lives. School started for real in September. Movie star Chadwick Boseman dies due to stage 3 colon cancer.

In October, there was a shooting in Philadelphia, BLM got bigger, and The debates were going around with Trump and Biden. Everything was getting spooky around the world.

In November, we had World diabetes day, which is kind of what what people that have diabetes celebrate. There was a goofy and kind of weird holiday called “National Pickle Day”.

In December, everyone has their sights set on 2021, also a lot of people don’t seem to be in the Christmas spirit because of COVID-19.  People also need some bit of luck with next year being the year of the Ox! That’s what the Chinese say or so.

Conclusion:  Overall, 2020 has been tough for the world, and many people are happy it will end, But some good stuff came out of it, because now we are tougher towards the virus, no more boring school at the classroom, Stay and chill at home! Let us say good bye to 2020, and say hello to 2021!

Thank You for Reading!

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3 Responses to “2020 WRAP UP! REVIEW EDITION.”

  1. Editor on December 8th, 2020 5:47 pm

    Thanks for the great recap.

  2. Alexis Adler on February 5th, 2021 8:25 am

    good job on the recap! it’s been a crazy year, so putting everything in the article is hard.

  3. bronson fotiadis on February 5th, 2021 9:52 am

    good job

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