Story of Christmas


Isabella Thomas, Author

The Grinch once said, “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” And yes, he is correct. Christmas goes back a long long time ago. Further back than the Civil War, past the CHRISTMAS - December 25, 2020 | National TodayBoston Tea Party, and even further back than Galileo! Christmas started in Rome in 336 AD. The first ever recorded incidence of celebrating Christmas was in Rome, so you can say that the Romans invented it. The holiday was first named The Feast of Nativity. The holiday then spread to Egypt, England, and Scandonavia. Throughout this timeStone Mountain Christmas | Stone Mountain Park The Feast of Nativity changed its named to Christmas. By the 9th century Christmas was widely celebrated. The Christmas that we know now started in Germany and later spread to England and eventually the US.

A lot of people celebrate Christmas because they believe that that is the birthday of Jesus Christ. But, in truth early Europeans celebrated the day we now call Christmas way before the young man was even born. In the fourth century church officials decided to add Jesus’s birthday as a holiday. Unfortunately for them, the bible did not mention anything about when Jesus was born. So, Pope Julius decided that they would make December 25 (Christmas day) Jesus’s birthday. So, this is how people started to celebrate Christmas as Jesus’s birthday.

Christmas is a very well known holiday and celebrated globally, but back then is was celebrated in only a few countries. Then it slowly started becoming the holiday we now know. Christmas has been around a long time but there is one thing that we share now days with people who lived back then. Christmas wasn’t about gifts or food it was about being with family and loved ones. Some people celebrate by sitting around a fire, decorating a Christmas tree, caroling, and much more. But we all do those things with family. That is what Christmas is really about.

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