Santa Claus: How did he come to be (Origin of Santa Claus)

Gustavo Falcon, Epic Author

Most people have heard of Santa Claus in America and you probably have too. He is a fat old man in a red suit who delivers presents to children when they are sleeping. He also likes cookies and milk. It turns out this story started from a saint over a thousand years ago.

Saint Nicholas was known for being a good person and he would often help people out. One story of how stockings became a Christmas tradition is when he wanted to give money to a man to help his daughters get married, he dropped coins from a chimney into a stocking drying by the fireplace in order to not be seen. He did get seen, however, and was thanked by the man. He eventually died on December 6th in around 340-360, but people still told stories about him for hundreds of years after.

It is a weird but interesting story about how Saint Nick became Santa Claus over a thousand years later. Giving gifts on Christmas, especially to children, was already a tradition in many places hundreds of years later after Saint Nicholas died. People still remembered and told stories about Saint Nicholas in different countries. The way his name changed to Santa Claus is when the U.S. adopted his name from Holland, Sinter Klaas, or Santa Claus, though his name varies depending on the country. Since Saint Nicholas died close to Christmas and was related to Christianity, people began associating him with gift-giving. Finally, the reason why he is depicted as he is is because of the poem “A Visit from Saint Nick” depicted him how he is known today, and established that he had 8 reindeer. After all of this, Santa Claus was established in America as a Christmas tradition in the 1800s, and still stands to this day. You would not expect that a Saint from over a thousand years ago would be adapted into Santa Claus, but he did anyway.

Now Santa Claus lives as a Christmas tradition everybody knows. Some believe in him others don’t, but everybody has heard of him.

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