The Theory of Dreams.

How the dreams work.

The Theory of Dreams.

Alfonso Diaz, Author

You know when you are about to go to sleep and you have all these crazy thoughts that you may be seeing?

Yup, you got it, its DREAMS. We all dream. Now, wouldn’t it be great if we could control our dreams? As you might imagine, it’s incredibly hard to study dreams and to draw firm conclusions about them. Although there are certain themes that are seen across wide populations, dreams are very individual, often elusive experiences of the mind.

The fact is, we can’t completely control our dreams. They’re filled with snippets from our daily lives and our innermost thoughts. But there are things we can do to improve sleep and manage stress so we’re more likely to have better dreams at night.

Now, here are some famous dreams phycologists describe:

3. Chased by a shadowy figure- This one is especially scary, for some people because it describes what you would do if chased by a shadow figure in a alley.

2. Falling- its about how you don’t have anytime to finish what you started and you are falling to your death.

1. Death- When in your dream, you will feel like you are dying in your dream and wake up terrified.

Nothing can guarantee good dreams. But here people need to get better sleep, de-stressing thoughts, and upping the chances of having more fulfilling dreams.

Now keep dreaming!


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