The Adventures Of Jimmie Joe – Ch. 1

A Science Fiction Series

The Adventures Of Jimmie Joe - Ch. 1

Federico Campanela, Rwiter

If I would have known that the next days of my life would completely shift my life, I would have spent more time with my parents, Peter and Alexandra Heinberg. I never had time for a wife, or kids, for that matter. The work of a space janitor is not easy and very demanding, especially because of the huge debt that my father left me with only a nice sum of 1,000,000,000 Purbles. The job was easy; my department would send me off to space to scrap an abandoned space ship. I had a lava gun to separate parts from each other. There were three bins that I needed to deposit the ship’s materials. Structure went into the green bin. Engine and mechanical parts went in the orange bin. And, miscellaneous things (such as chairs or cup holders) would go into the purple bin. There was, technically, a fourth bin, but they never told me what it was. I never had to use it.

I could feel copper in my mouth, this wasn’t a good thing, every time that I tasted copper something bad happened. For example, when I was in the war, scouting the camp at night, I could taste copper. This was no different. My next assignment was to dismantle a Standard Issue Koppen spacecraft. This was not out of the ordinary. I’d dismantled others almost every week. For a ship that was supposed to carry two to five people its pretty large, and with all the engine parts distributed throughout the entire hull of the ship, it’s not an easy job.

My supervisor told me to put my suit on and get up on platform four to launch. It wasn’t long before I was 1,000 miles above the Earth. The copper taste in my mouth only grew stronger the closer I came to the ship. For the first time in my seven years in the job, some sort of sign appeared out of the sky. It said that I had a new assignment: to throw any material matter into the red bin, this was that fourth bin that was left unused by everyone that worked the job; me and my co-workers would often joke about what we thought that bin was used for. I should have known better, I thought material matter meant plants, or tiny bugs that can survive the vacuum of space. But it wasn’t anything like that.

I opened the front door, air hissed out of the ship. I looked carefully through the halls looking for loose engine parts. The lights were flickering. A chair flew past me, nearly killing me. The control room window had a hole. Red liquid flew past me in less than a second, it was being sucked out into space. I approached the control room, this was nothing like I’ve seen before, the captains were still strapped into their chairs, a bonsai plant, covered in red stains sat in the corner of the room. “I need the money,” I said to myself. So, I slowly carried the captains lifeless bodies towards the exit. I pushed them toward the red bin, their faces, as blue as ever. Their eyes looked at me as if they’d been to hell. To be honest, hell wasn’t really far off for what was behind that bin; there were rumors that it teleported you to the trash planet, maybe even the swamp planet; some said that it teleported you to a giant incinerator. I couldn’t care less. My philosophy was this: “stuff goes in, money come out.” That’s all I needed to know.

The bin wasn’t sucking like it was supposed to. There’s usually a point that the items get sucked up so you don’t endanger yourself by falling inside. But this wasn’t the case, I was already dangerously close, and if the bin decided to work, I would be in BIG trouble. But, I wasn’t worried. The bin was so old that it wasn’t even automatic. This bin was from the time when people had to press a button for it to work. I approached closer and closer. The lifeless captains were in front of me, I was ready to push them inside, but, I could feel them watching me. One of them was looking right at me. What I found perplexed me. Their eyes and lips were growing bigger, like balloons. It looked as if they were going to explode! But then, a foot pressed the button that activated the bin. Before I could even start to run, I was already being sucked up by the fans. The fans were so strong that the whole ship was being sucked up with me. My radio wasn’t working, and yelling was of no purpose. The nearest human was a 1,000 miles away. And, even if they were close, the thickness of my suit would keep me from being heard.

I tried to use a rope to grab ahold of something, but anything that I could grapple with was being sucked up as well. The cold, twisting portal inside of the bin was getting closer and closer to me. I could hear the next shift enter the station. I was hopeful they’d see this, help me and make a report. But, it was too late. I was fully immersed into the portal. Then everything went dark. I don’t know how much time passed by; seconds, hours, months, years, anything was possible. But that doesn’t matter, because a few moments later, I appeared in the middle of a jungle that I didn’t recognize.

(To Be Continued)

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