That Love Day

The Meaning of Valentine’s Day

That Love Day

Yara Bashir, Reporter

Once Upon a Time, there was this man named Valentine. He would secretly help get people married when it wasn’t allowed. When his emperor, Emperor Claudius II of Rome, found out he decided to kill Valentine because he didn’t want people to be married. When Valentine was ordered to be killed, he was arrested and beaten with clubs. At his execution they cut his head off.

After Valentine’s death he was honored by the Catholic Church and became Saint Valentine. And that’s how Valentines day was born. From then on, people everywhere began the practice of sending Valentines to those they love and care for.

Today, kids and adults send Valentines to people they love, people the have crushes on, friends, classmates, even their parents. Some people even give secret Valentines to someone they like but don’t want the person to know who they are.

So whoever you want your Valentine is to be, whether secret or not, February 14 is the day to tell them.

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