Why Democracy Matters

Why Democracy Matters

Hendrix Oppenheim, Reporter

After the inauguration I sat down with my dad and talked about democracy and what it means to him.


Should kids have a right to vote?

While kids possess great insight with regards to many policy issues, their limited experiences, due purely to the duration of their lives, inhibit their ability to have a broad perspective on many voting situations. That being said, I am not sure I trust almost half the country regardless of their age. 

Should people who are not citizens have a right to vote?

I believe that only citizens should have the right to vote; however I believe there should be a more fair and equitable way to become a citizen of this country. 

Should everyone have a right to vote?

No, only citizens of the country who are over 18, of sound state of mind, and are not incarcerated .

If their wasn’t democracy than what should there be?

I hate to say it, but there are some benefits to a benevolent dictatorship. Sometimes it is easier to get visionary things done without the friction of different points of view. That being said, they have to be super benevolent.

Should criminals have a right to vote?

I don’t believe that people who are incarcerated should have the right to vote. Once they are set free and are “rehabilitated,” all voting rights should be returned.

What is inauguration?

A peaceful transfer of power.

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