Presidential Inauguration 2021

Presidential Inauguration 2021

Gustavo Falcon, Reporter

There is no more important day in a democracy than the day one president hands over power to another president. We call it the peaceful transition of power. It takes place every four years on January 20th in Washington DC.

At the inauguration, the new president swears to protect the constitution of the United States. This is a tradition that began with our first president, George Washington.

Immediately after being sworn in the new president gives his inaugural speech. This year, President Joe Biden gave his speech to America and the world declaring his commitment to unite America. In attendance were three of the five living presidents. There to support the new president were former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Former president Jimmy Carter, our 39th president, at 96 years old, was not able to make it. Notably absent was our most recent former president, Donald Trump. Outgoing presidents have traditionally escorted the incoming president to the ceremony in a show of support for the democratic peaceful transfer of power.

All in all, the inauguration of a new president is seen as a celebration for America.

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