Should Kids get Vaccinated?


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Hispanic boy getting a shot at doctor’s office

Alfonso Diaz, Author

Its hard to believe that the vaccine is complete and this petty virus will soon, hopefully, come to a end. Yes, adult and elderly people will get the vaccine, but what will happen to the children? Will kids get it? Will we get it?

Should kids get vaccinated? I’m no doctor, but here are some reasons they should or should not:

  1.  Corona Virus: the main reason they should get vaccinated is, considering the growth rate of the virus, it could eventually effect kids.
  2. So they can safely go to school: They need their education, and not online, but present.
  3. Kids may not suffer the safe consequences as older people, but we are spreaders. We need to be more careful not to spread the virus.

So, keep these in mind. They may help in a way. But the virus rages on like a locust invasion.

So yeah, here’s why  kids should not get the vaccine:

  1.  The vaccine is not proven to be completely safe yet for kids.
  2.  It may cause more infection.

So, should kids get the vaccine or not? Let us know in your comments below.

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