The Animal Wars

An Ongoing Series

The Animal Wars

Alfonso Diaz, Writer

Scientist Dr. Andros Strike was always a genius scientist. He and his men were sent to the space satellite to resume Project Kerberos, a project to see if they could enhance the brain of animals to make them as smart as humans.

The project worked successfully, but only for 45 minutes. The project backfired and the test subject attacked Dr. Andros and his men. They killed the test subject and planned to destroy the serum. But then, the satellite started to explode because the test subject had activated the self destruct sequence before being killed. Though they tried to escape, Dr. Andros’ men died while he and another survivor made it out alive. However, the test tube carrying the serum scattered across the earth. He did not realize it, but he had released the serum for creating intelligent animals into the world.

The year was 2042, and the war had begun. The animals got smarter just as predicted in Dr. Andros’s research. In fact, they even took human-like forms! On September, 7th 2043 the bloodshed began.

The humans fought gallantly, but the animals won. They took over the earth and forced the humans to either leave the earth or die. With nowhere to go, the humans were forced to go and live on the moon.

7 years later, Dr. Andros had become a martial arts master and invited to join a secret task force called G.H.O.S.T.  This task force was specialized in only one thing, Operation Recolonize. In other words, their mission was to take back the earth! The Plan was simple, go under cover as an innocent and gain information.

There were G.H.O.S.T. agents all over the world: Japan, Great Britain, Germany, India and many more locations. Dr. Andros was an American.

He’d met his allies, and he even made some friends. Soon, they were ready to take back the earth. “So it is true. the genius Dr. Andros Strike is with us,” said the German agent named Jonas. “Yeah, I guess I am,” said the self proclaimed hero. “Come on chaps, we are departing soon.” “Right,” said Andros. “Let’s go!”  They went into the space ship and took off. But as soon as they landed in New York, something happened.

(To Be Continued)

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