Will the SUPER BOWL be SUPER this year?

Will the SUPER BOWL be SUPER this year?

Maria Torrado, Author

People keep asking, “Will there be a Super Bowl this year?”


The date of the Super Bowl is February 7. The location is in Tampa Florida. The people performing at the Super Bowl are Eric Church, The Weekend, and Jazmine Sullivan. I can’t wait forSuper Bowl LV - Wikipedia their stunting performance!

As we all wait excitedly, we need to realize, that Covid-19 is all around us. There will probable be about 10,000 available seats in the stadium in order to maintain social distancing. If the seats for the Super Bowl are usually expensive, imagine how expensive they will be during COVID!  There were 2 teams remanding. Those teams are Kansas City Chiefs, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They will play February 7th, for a fascinating silver trophy, the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Make sure you watch the game and see who wins! Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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