The Animal Wars, Part 2 – Welcome to the Jungle.

A Science Fiction Series

The Animal Wars, Part 2 - Welcome to the Jungle.

Alfonso Diaz, Author

As soon Dr. Andros and his team landed in New York, they noticed that something had happened. The area that was once a metropolis, was now a living zoo. Animals were now smarter and stronger, but they were also lazy and cruel.

First, the agents looked around in amazement. Then, it was time to go undercover. Suddenly, one of the policemen, who was a rhino, took Dr. Andros without knowing who was and turned him into the Animal science association to classify Andros. The Agents were worried because, without there leader, in the stories yet to be told, who would lead their war of Independence Day?

The local news anchor went to the corrupt laboratory to check on Andros.  “We believe he is the last human on the planet,” he said the hippo scientist. “Once we open this capsule, the human will awaken.” Another lab rat opened the capsule. For a slight second, nothing happened. Then, all of a sudden, Andros woke up furiously, kicking that and punching this. In other words, he went berserk. Attacking those around him, he fractured 16 bones of the seedy scientists. Then, he ran as fast as lightning out of there. The news spread quickly. Everyone now knew about there were humans back on earth.

Soon, Andros was reunited with his allies. “What were you thinking, American?” said Jonas. “Yes, what were you thinking?” Toshi said angrily. “I know, I know,” said Andros. “But here. I found something.” “What did you find?” said Toshi. Andros stood there in pause and said “The animal’s weakness. I think I found a way to reclaim the earth.”

(To be Continued)

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