Creativity and 3D Printing. What are the possibilities?

Watch Cushman’s 3-D Printer do its Thing!

Jalen Kotalik, Videographer

Jalen Kotalik, Reporter

Jalen Kotalik (top) Holding 3D printed items

Imagine if you drew something super cool and wanted to have it in real life? Guess what, now it’s possible! The Innovation Center at Cushman has its very own 3D printer! How are 3D printers changing the world? Well, we decided to find out by checking out our own 3D printer right here at Cushman. So, I headed over to the technology department at the middle school and discovered that we actually have three 3D printers here at Cushman!  According to Mr. Gilmore, two of them are at the high school but one of them is right here on our campus in the Innovation Center. So now, I headed over to the Innovation Center where I caught up with Ms. Hedge who’s in charge of the printer. I asked her if the printer was available for any on us to use. She said, “We have 3D printer at the High school, ask Mr. Gilmore.”  Armed with that information I went back to Mr. Gilmore for a more technical question. I asked him what kind of things kids at Cushman have actually made (or printed) with the printer. He said, “I’m setting up the printer this week, but I have examples.” Then he pulled out some examples and let me hold them. They were really cool. I couldn’t believe that you could just have an idea and this printer could turn it into a real 3D version of what you’d imagined. Pretty cool.


In the end I walked away pretty excited that right here at Cushman we have a way to turn our creativity into real life. Hopefully kids will be inspired by this technology and now want to build and create amazing designs and become even more extraordinary Cougars!

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