Buster Muster, Cushman’s first night out…

Friends and Smiles, Dave and Busters

Jasmin Rossi, News Reporter

Why should you go to the Cushman’s Middle School’s most popular event? Well, if you haven’t already heard about Dave and Busters then you’re in luck! We interviewed Andrew Arvin, an eighth grader here at Cushman Middle School, who has been to past Dave and Busters socials. He said ‘’It’s super fun, you get to run around and play games with all of your friends.’’ According to Andrew, Dave and Busters is a great event where you can socialize and have an awesome time with everyone at school.
Dave and Busters is like a Chuck E. Cheese for older kids. But, do not fear because it sounds like this year will be even better than last year! With so many new students this will be a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better!
It’s really simple; if you like fun then you will love this event. After all, wouldn’t it be great for all of us to have an amazing night out together! And remember, parents and siblings are invited too.
Dave and Busters is located at 11481 NW 12th St #E622 Miami, FL 33172. If you have any other questions, you can go to their website (www.daveandbusters.com) where they should have answers to all your questions. We can’t wait to see you there!