Something to Think About, Part.1

Something to Think About, Part.1

Lorenzo Kaufman, Feature Author

Why do we think gold is so valuable in todays world? Well, I will be talking about a theory that might make you think about it. Hmmmmmm?

One day, a long long time ago, once humans came into existence, our ansestors got their brains wiped by aliens to make us like gold. So, you might think they did this because they wanted to get lots of gold for something that they were working on. Maybe, gold was something they needed to power up their machine, or who knows what.

If you have ever watched the “Rick and Morty” TV show,  the episode titled, “The Ricks must be Crazy,” it shows a battery, but in a universe where they make power for themselves and the battery. So, maybe they’d need the gold to make the power.

The questions is, what would happen to us, the humans, once they got all the gold they needed?


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