Gender Double Standards


As one looks at society, they may see twists and turns where one set of standards may not apply the same way for men as is does for women, or vice versa. Why is it bad? This is called gender double standards. Gender double standards are the way people differ the behaviour of men and women. Sometimes is may be appropriate, sometimes it’s not logical. Society has become so toxic and irrelevant because of this. Men are looked as strong, and women are seen as weak. What are some examples? How can people see what is illogical and what is appropriate?

Gender double standards are a kind of double standard. Double standard is a code that favors one group over another. If a teacher lets all the boys bring candy for lunch but not the girls, that’s a double standard. A standard is a way of evaluating someone, and a double standard is two-faced. Double standards occurs when two or more things, such as individuals or groups, are treated differently, when they should be treated the same way. For example, a double standard can involve treating two similar employees differently after they do the same thing, by punishing one and rewarding the other, even though there is no valid reason to do so. They should be treated the same way, as they are both people and are doing the same thing. It may be because of gender or race.

There is another example of double standards that is very common. Ethnicity. Ethnicity is a group of people in the same basis of shared attributes, such as traditions, ancestry, culture, and nation. Technically, it’s the person’s race. But, how is it a double standard? Well, because the double standards for ethnicity is like being racist. For example, when a black man commits a crime, they are almost always killed. But, when a white man commits a crime, they are arrested. That is a double standard because it favors whites over blacks. One event that showed double standards was the Capitol riot and the riots for black lives matter. The Capitol riot was when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol because of things he stated on twitter. This is an example of double standards because people during the riots of black lives matter were shot with rubber bullets, tear gas, and other things by police officers. But, during the Capitol riot, people were being led down the stairs by the police and they didn’t shot them with anything. Both groups are doing the same thing, yet being treated differently. That is a double standard.

Now, of course, we have gender double standards. Again, like it was explained in the first paragraph, this is when we evaluate the same behavior of men and women differently because of their gender. And again, this could be logical or illogical. A lot of schools have gender double standards. For example, women in schools are allowed to wear earrings and it’s seen as cute. But, when a man comes to school with earrings, it’s seen as inappropriate and not acceptable. This is a double standard because a women is allowed but a man isn’t, even though it’s the exact same thing. Another example is long hair. Women are allowed to have long hair because they are a ‘girl’, but when a man comes to school with long hair, they are told to cut it because it isn’t allowed. One gender is allowed to have long hair, while the other isn’t, even if it’s the same. Another example would be when a woman cries, they are sympathized and they all care about her. But when a man cries, they are seen as weak and told to man up.

Finally, maybe it’s time the world evolves and changes for the better. Imagine if 20 years from now, when we have kids, they get to grow up in a world where males and females and anyone in between get treated equally with the same rights? Wouldn’t that be cool? Maybe it is time.

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