Cryptocurrencies and Investing.


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Montreal, Canada – 28 February 2018: Stacked cryptocurrency coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins)

Alfonso Diaz, Author

You guys might have heard of cryptocurrencies. Some of you may not have heard. But, one things for sure. Cryptocurrencies are AWESOME! They provide and do awesome stuff for you and your online shopping. Now, here are 5 common Cryptocurrencies that everyone uses.


Based of the popular meme, Dogecoin makes an entrance and tops them all! Creator Billy Markus and Co- Creator Jackson Palmer introduced Dogecoin to the world! If you love Memes and Investing, Dogecoin is for you! Its Memematic and Crypto at the same time! Go Doggo!


Stepping up in number 2, We’ve got Bitcoin Currencies, imported from Japan. It was founded back in 2008 by Japanese Engineer Satoshi Nakamoto. Its been around for a few years now. It used to be number 1, but Dogecoin snagged the crown later when introduced. Still, its pretty popular.


Scrapping the Competition, LiteCoin joins us as number 3 on this list. Creator Charlie Lee has surprisingly made Litecoin a permanent stamp on the digital world! This brand is still among the top 3 on our list! Go LiteCoin!

       4. Ethereum

Russian Coder Vitalik Buterin shows us some serious investment and money with Ethereum! This Cryptocurrency company is well-known across the world as a reservoir of investment and for profits. It’s pretty impressive if you ask me. This means Ethereum lands in our number 4 spot.


Best for last? Not really, Here we have a company that needs some more respect and love. Charles Hoskinson didn’t really do a good job with this Cryptocurrency Company. It really needs some improvement, in my opinion. But, who knows where it could go if it rises to the challenge!


So yeah, those were some cryptocurrencies companies that everyone uses.

Comment down below and type in which one is your favorite!

So long Cougars!



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