Goodbye, Mr.Martinez


Your Students


Throughout my life, I have been told numerous times that I would encounter teachers who inspire and ignite passion and curiosity. I am very fortunate that I found one of those teachers at The Cushman Middle School. This special teacher unlocked a passion for a subject I now can’t live without. Through his friendly and open-minded personality, he gave me, and others, the freedom and incentive to explore and broaden our horizons. So together, here’s our letter to you, Mr. Martinez… with love and gratitude.


Dear Mr. Martinez, 

Hey Man, how’s it going, other than the fact that you’re leaving everything and everyone to pursue your dream… how selfish can you get? JK LOL we love you so so much. And believe me when I say that in these past three years you have added so much laughter to my life, which for me is saying something. From your advisory check-ins to our simple but odd conversations,  I will miss you tremendously and don’t be surprised if my face were just to pop up in the UK one day HEHEHEHE.  

Mr. Martinez. Wow, what an honor it has been. I know for a fact, this will be a chapter of my life that I will never forget. At the beginning of sixth grade I was so new to this whole idea of growing up that I really needed a guiding voice, a mentor. And to this day, I couldn’t  have asked for anyone better than you. You truly saved me in ways no other teacher could have, I thank you for that, and as my piece of advice, “find what makes you happy, and do it. Because that is what will make me happy.” 

Damn Mr.M, you’re leaving us just when things started to get good. Everything will change so much without you. Who knows, you might be what’s making me somewhat good at science. Future teachers should watch out. Besides, I’m almost certain I won’t ever have as much fun as I do in video production, or whatever that class is called with another teacher that’s not you . Just a fact. And I know “fun” isn’t the ideal word to describe a class but it’s those classes and those teachers that you will remember for the rest of your life.  

Well Mr.Martinez, here we are, three years later and on the last week of school. I’m sure by now you have gotten tons of goodbye and end of the year letters from your students. But I want you to read this one the most. I want you to know that everything these students have said about you, have come from a place of truth. We want you to trust and believe that the difference that you have made here at the Cushman School will be marked forever, not just within our campus, but later on in life when we, your students grow up to live a life full of wonderful memories and adventures. Some of us might end up becoming scientists, movie producers, FBI agents or just amazing people. You taught it all and you taught us well. 

Thank you Mr.Martinez,

We love you, always! 

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