Cushman Student News First Ever Student Broadcast

Michaella Peraza, Author

The Broadcasting/Journalism elective started a student broadcast that will be aired live for the first time on Friday. In the Broadcasting/Journalism elective, students are learning how to write and produce a morning show.  The broadcast crew features Alfonso Diaz and Michaella Peraza as anchors, Lucas Reynolds, Brayden Bruan, and Brando Basabe as the reporters, Charlie Boland as the scriptwriter, tech guru Lilly Arvin as a camera person, and Dhanya Agrawal as director. It will inform students in the mornings during flag about all the events going on at school and will be a fun way for students to get their daily news. We will feature interviews with administrators, teachers, and the student body.  To conclude, the broadcasting crew has been hard at work learning how to produce a broadcast and are eager to present it to the school.