Halloween at Cushman


Dale Ostrowski

Pumpkin from the 2019 Advisory Pumpkin Contest.

Sebas Tayon, Author

The spooky season is upon us. Halloween at Cushman is coming soon, and it’s going to be very different because due to Covid. This reporter was lucky enough to sit down with Mr. Cosgrove to gather information about this year’s festivities.


One of our newer traditions at Cushman is that we get to wear costumes. This week on 10/27, we are allowed to dress up in a costume. However, we are sort of limited. I would recommend asking if your costume is allowed, especially the fact that the school is becoming stricter with rules. You cannot bring anything offensive, or political. You also cannot dye your hair unless its temporary. So get your costumes ready!


Around 25-30 years ago, Ms. Geimer had a brilliant idea of decorating pumpkins for Halloween. and over these years, the tradition has been kept. Even today, when there is a global pandemic, the tradition still carries on. It’s a contest on who can decorate a pumpkin that best aligns with the yearly theme. This year’s theme is famous movie characters. All of the advisories are competing in a friendly competition with one another in bringing these characters to life. However, the students cannot carve the pumpkins due to carving being a safety hazard.

Sweet Treat

Every year Cushman students look forward to the one day we are allowed to bring candy to school. Although we are only permitted one piece of candy, we eagerly await the day in which we can eat our piece of candy without getting a behavior report. However, Mr. Cosgrove would like to remind you that chewing gum is still not permitted.

All of our Halloween festivities will take place on October 27, 2021, so get your costumes, classroom pumpkins ready for your Advisory Halloween Party.