Recycling Queen


When junior year started, I immediately went to my mom to start recycling. We had to wait a while for the recycling bin because it took a few months. In the meantime, I checked which pieces of trash were and weren’t recyclable. My grandma, who was living with us at the time, helped us convince Mom to get a recycling bin. I kept trying to be mindful about what I used. I even wrote poetry about the environment. Two poems. During my classes in Environmental Science, I understood the situation, which was to be careful with the planet. We only get one, so it is our responsibility. A few weeks went by of seeing trash everywhere in Marina Cove, even though there were trash cans on every corner. So yesterday, on the twelfth of November, I had an idea to clean it up in our free time. I shared it with my sister and she loved it. We have decided to clean up our neighborhood during weekends and free time. I even had an idea to clean up the beach while we dine and have fun in the water, one day.