Dave and Buster’s: What a Great Time!

Mr. Perez, Videographer

Luna Molla, Reporter, Features Editor

Cushman finally had it’s first night out!! And boy, was it a good time.  For those of you who weren’t there, Dave an Buster’s, in Ms. O’s words, was “A fabulous and successful event. Everyone had the best time.” And, in Ms. Geimer’s words, “It was an awesome community builder for both parents and students.” Over 290 students, parents, teachers, and siblings attended, whether from elementary, middle school, or high school, and not one person was left out. Everyone had the best time, whether playing video games, on the simulators, or dancing. Everyone was supposed to leave at 9:15, but a lot of people stayed late with their parents. Dave and Buster’s was a fantastic event and everyone should go at least once.