In Other Worlds


Nika Mirer, Author

In Other Worlds

By Nika Mirer

Planet X-33279 IORTA 


If there was one thing on Xetaron’s mind today, it was most definitely not the fear of the goddamn apocalypse. And, when all of a sudden, in astro physics class, the school alarm began to blare, he panicked just like the rest of his school. 

“As of right now,” the headmaster dictated over the intercom, “the threat is nationwide; In response to the signal we received, and I ask for all not to panic, but the signal is most likely a war threat. Our best intergalactic translators are currently working on deciphering the message but we cannot promise anything, hence the mandatory code black.”Xet scanned the crowd with his eyes, watching their reactions as he descended the dark staircase into the school’s fallout basement. Remnants of the past attack years back. Over a century ago, a fellow race had turned on their world. They’d entered a war that had lasted for decades, until their eventual victory. That said, the planet still bore the ancient scars from the long battle.

“We will be broadcasting the messages over the speakers, in precaution that the wording would be interpreted.” The teachers shut the ironcast, 4 ton doors and the locks grinded into place. The LED bulbs flickered and lit the darkness with a cold blue light that illuminated the scared, confused faces in the crowd. Then the speakers sparked to life once more, and an unfamiliar noise, no, language, boomed in the chamber.

Xetaron looked up from his spot on the floor, and, though he understood nothing, tried to figure the words out. But alas everything sounded like gibberish and the intercom crackled and went out. The bunker was old, after all. 

“Hey, d’you reckon it’s really gonna happen? A war?” A familiar face peared down at him with a smirk. Nuzris, a fellow student, held out a hand. Xet took the opportunity to stand up.

 “We’ve had drills before. This isn’t like them.” She said, with a sigh. A wail came from the side of the room, where several other students huddled, some in hysterics. 

“No way. I’m sure it’s some other living race out there, trying to reach us! I’ve read about different sustainable planets in other systems at the library many times.” Nuzris shook her head. Suddenly the transmitter broke out again and the hall was filled with loud noise. The students and teachers covered their ears, the foreign sound crawling into their mind, in fear of a sonar atack, but Nuzris rolled her eyes.

“What are you doing?!” Shouted Xet, fearing his friend’s boldness. 

“Nothing,” she called back. 

“It’s just sound…” Xetaron gingerly lowered his hands from the sides of his face and listened. Nuz grinned. 

“No, it’s melodic.” She said. 

“Yeah…” Xet stepped paused, sudden enjoyment flooding his senses. “It’s nice!” Nuzris nodded glad to see her friend open up to the song. Some students on either side of the pair looked in shock as Xetaron and Nuz stared up at the intercom. Suddenly, Xet realized that he’d been spasmacly tapping his foot.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Nuzris asked, becoming more worried by the second. “Is it really an attack?!” Her hands shot up to her head. “Are you being affected?” 

“No.” He said, “I… give me your hand.” He said and took it into his own. He pulled and the two moved into the circle of students, who edged away from them, frightened. After a second of pause, Xet shrugged his shoulders and he turned quickly, a smile spreading across his face. Nuzris gave a laugh and repeated the action, twirling around the pocket of space they’d created in the crowd.

And then, as the sounds sped up and loudened, some of the other students sheepishly joined their festivities, swaying to the beat that they feared just minutes ago. But in a minute the sound faded and the room exploded in applause, Xet and Nuz caught up in the middle. Then the loudspeaker bore the voice of the headmaster.

“Attention students. According to the national emergency buro, the threat has been a mistake. The assumed bio attack had been a radio signal, caught by our satellites, from the virgo supercluster. Classes will be excused for today. Enjoy the music.”