Hey Cougars, Get Ready to Howl!  / It’s Time for Halloween Howl

Jalen Kotalik, Arts and Technology

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Cushman Photos
A group of friends having fun at Halloween Howl 2017!

Hey Cougars, are you ready to get spooked? Halloween Howl is right around the corner! Here is some information for you to get ready for this years bash! First of all did you know that Halloween Howl is a Cushman tradition and as been for over 30 years?! Also the CSPA (Cushman Parents Association) is in charge of it and planning some great new attractions. Bottom line, Halloween Howl is a great event and one of my personal favorites, last time I went, the Haunted House was pretty scary, and the ferris wheel + the snow cones were incredible. I also like it because it’s a great way to get to know each other and have fun! And, remember, you can come dressed up in your ghoulish best :0