Kindness is Key!

Jalen Kotalik, Arts and Technology

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Hey Cougars! I got to interview Ms. Balseiro about the Kindness initiative she started, and here is the story! Your probably wondering what is the Kindness Initiative? Well it all started when the 2018 Parkland School shooting happened, she started the Love Revolution and with that came the Violent Video Games throwaway. Now she is honoring children who are very kind and thoughtful, Cushman wanted to different from other schools’ cultures! But why keys? Here is why! The Key to Kindness and to quote Ms. Balseiro “The key to opening up someone else’s heart to being a kinder, gentler person.” Also in case you wanted to know where she is from and if she has any pets. She is from Miami, FL and she doesn’t have any pets anymore. Remember to always be kind! Go Cougars!

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Jalen Kotalik, Arts and Technology Editor

Jalen came to Cushman in 6th Grade. Before he was at Cushman he was at Miami Shores Presbyterian School. Coming to Cushman meant to him making new friends,...

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  1. Mark Maccagno on October 23rd, 2018 5:24 pm

    Great informative article, keep it up! nice work

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Kindness is Key!