2018 Election: Is it Over?

Marcos, Sports Editor

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.


Democrats are so far winning the house beating the Republican party by 6.6%. 420 out of 435 seats have been declared. That means that the Democrats haven’t officially won. If the democrats continue winning the house they’re likely to give president Donald Trump a very hard time such as impeachment. The shift in power starts for the House in January.



The Republicans have won the Senate. Because of that, even if the House impeached President Donald Trump the the Senate would still have to vote on it. If they disagreed, the President would still remain in office but technically be impeached. If the Senate agreed to impeach him, Donald Trump would be completely removed from office.


Florida Governor:


The Republicans may have won Florida again. Ron De Santis is defeating Andrew Gillum, so far.  This is a very close race because De Santis is only winning by 0.5%. Only 99% of votes for governor of Florida have been determined that means that Andrew Gillum can still conceivably win.

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