2018-2019 Staff


Arts and Technology Editor

Jalen came to Cushman in 6th Grade. Before he was at Cushman he was at Miami Shores Presbyterian School. Jalen is enjoying Cushman with all of his new friends and has played in Cushman Basketball. Jalen was born at Mount Sinai...

Luna Moona

Feature Editor

Luna started Cushman in sixth grade. She came from Casa Dei Bambini, a small Montessori school in Miami Beach. She lives at home with her two parents, her nine-year-old sister, and her two pets, Milo (dog), and Tara (Cat). She i...

Jasmin The Gymnast

News Editor

Jasmin came to The Cushman School last year but only stayed for one month, then she came back this year to stay for good! Jasmin LOVES gymnastics, unicorns, tiny teacup poodles, family, friends and, cupcakes of course! But she...

Maya the Marvelous


Hello Cougars, my name is Maya Tafur and  I will be your new journalist on the Cushman Chronicle. I will tell you some facts about me today in this article. A few things I enjoy are fashion, traveling, painting, reading/writing,...

Genuine Grace


Grace has recently joined the Cushman Chronicle crew. Having been at Cushman for 11 years, she is excited to help the school in a new, fun way. She is happy to be on the team and can't wait to see what is in store for the future.

Adorable Ava


Hi, I'm Ava. I love traveling, shopping, writing, singing,dancing,acting,and getting my hair and nails done! I have a really cute dog!!! I also love being with my friends and family!

Alexis Animation


Hello! My name is Alexis! I love traveling, Animation, art, animals, and being with my friends and family. My two cats are named Goldy and Cinnamon.



Hi I'm Maia and I am a member of the Chronicle Crew! I love arts and crafts, music, singing, dancing, food and I also really like biking! My favorite animal is a unicorn and my favorite colors are pink and purple. My favorite...


Sports Editor

    Seasoned sixth grader Marcos has joined the Chronicle staff. Marcos likes reading, running and socializing. When he grows up he hopes to be a historian....

Nicolas The Knight

News Reporter

Nicolas has recently joined the Cushman Chronicle Crew. This is his first year at Cushman and is excited to help out, in a new, enjoyable way. He likes sports, traveling, family, and friends. Nicolas is grateful to have this opportunity...