Maya the Marvelous
Hello Cougars, my name is Maya Tafur and  I will be your new journalist on the Cushman Chronicle. I will tell you some facts about me today in this article. A few things I enjoy are fashion, traveling, painting, reading/writing, acting, going on nature walks, playing sports, spending time with animals, hanging out with close friends/family, and listening to music. If I had to describe myself, I would describe myself as a strong character. The reason I chose to describe myself as that is because I have many different sides to me, but that doesn't make me a rude/hurtful person. I am very mature with others and very polite, but with my close friends/family I am very goofy and enthusiastic and I am also a huge nerd with an athletic side. I have four dogs named Roco, Martini, Norman, and Sophie. My favorite sport to play is soccer and I am the goalkeeper on my team, The Cushman Cougars. Thank you so much for learning about me in this article and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Maya the Marvelous, Reporter

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