Lord Toussaint
Hello, my name is Lord Toussaint and I am happy to be a part of the Cushman Chronicle this year. My articles will (for the most part) give a neutral analysis of global events and occasionally some smaller ones and their significance. My goal with these articles is not to upend your politics nor prove others wrong, my goal is to make others more adverse to opinions that may conflict with their own. Since it matters in my writing so much, I would like it to be known that I identify politicly as a moderate, meaning that I am in the middle of the political spectrum. I prefer not to identify with the hyper partisan cults that are American political parties and my positions vary frequently from what others would view as "party lines". At times, I will write on the philosophical dangers of this partisanship. Furthermore, I am the All School President of the Cushman School, I enjoy reading, writing, and watching the news. I became a student at the Cushman School in my seventh-grade year. I am the son of immigrants. My father is a first generation American who was born in New York to a Cuban mother fleeing communism and tyranny and a Hungarian father who fled the ravaged European continent after the second world war. My mother was born in Colombia and came to the US to form a new life. Such value and pride of the American deam and my love of this country will always be present in my writing.

Lord Toussaint, Chief Political Correspondent

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Lord Toussaint